Week 5: Party Fouls

This week, heads rolled, ladies were sent home and some major fouls were committed. And whaddaya know, the fouls were all Tierra, all the time. We broke down her infractions.

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Week 5: Power Rankings

Heads were rolling this week on The Bachelor.

Seriously, can you recall in recent memory a time when the Bachelor sent home five girls in two episodes this far into a season? The mansion’s resident count dropped from eleven to six faster than we could say, “Looks like he’s headed for the projection room above the auditorium!” I mean, we know ABC has to stick to a strict timeline here, but what just happened? It was like The Bachelor Massacre. One minute, there was a house full of crazy, dramatic women, and the next minute, there was a house full of significantly fewer crazy, dramatic women. Tragic.

Not only will we remember this week as The Bachelor Massacre, we will also remember it as the week that our Power Rankings got cut in half. ABC and Sean Lowe are really ruining the blogging magic here. Nonetheless, we move onward and present to you our truncated Week 5 Power Rankings.

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Week 5: The Bad Girls Club

Be still, our hearts. A special two-night Bachelor event is just what we needed to interrupt the doldrums of regular life. These episodes had it all: stalking, awful poems and a couple of girls relieving a goat–and that was all in the first night! Our mega-recap covers every twist and turn of the greatest Monday-Tuesday combo of the year.

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Week 4: Burning Questions

We’re dubbing this week the #BachelorBowl … two “halves” of Bachelor craziness interrupted by a long, torturous 22-hour intermission. We’ve got four glorious hours of Bachelor footage this week and we can barely contain our excitement. Here’s what we hope gets answered in the episodes this week:

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Week 4: Party Fouls

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, y’all!

The Bachelor ladies got us all ready for tonight’s game with some, ahem, questionable behavior on Monday. We’re no Ed Hochuli, but we did our best to flag the ladies for their penalties. Without further ado, here’s this week’s Party Fouls.

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Week 4: Power Rankings

Hello, dear friends and loyal readers!

Sean’s pack of drunk crazies is rapidly getting smaller, but that certainly doesn’t mean there was a shortage of drama in the house this week. We were plenty entertained on Monday as Tierra pitched a hissy fit, Sean sampled “the chocolate” and Tony and Blakeley’s trailer from Bachelor Pad made an appearance during Selma’s one-on-one date. While a few of the women made some really boneheaded moves this week, others really turned on the charm … and probably Sean, too.

So, we took the summation of the women’s actions, or lack thereof, and developed a complex algorithm that helped us to create these wonderful Power Rankings. We spent a lot of time on this, so you better ‘preciate it.

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Week 4: Tweet Roundup

This gallery contains 34 photos.

What’s the difference between a regular old reality show and a national phenomenon? Twitter traffic, of course. No Monday night Bachelor-viewing session is complete without perusing Twitter for instant analysis and opinions of the 26 contestants who are vying for … Continue reading