Week 4: Burning Questions

We’re dubbing this week the #BachelorBowl … two “halves” of Bachelor craziness interrupted by a long, torturous 22-hour intermission. We’ve got four glorious hours of Bachelor footage this week and we can barely contain our excitement. Here’s what we hope gets answered in the episodes this week:

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Week 4: Power Rankings

Hello, dear friends and loyal readers!

Sean’s pack of drunk crazies is rapidly getting smaller, but that certainly doesn’t mean there was a shortage of drama in the house this week. We were plenty entertained on Monday as Tierra pitched a hissy fit, Sean sampled “the chocolate” and Tony and Blakeley’s trailer from Bachelor Pad made an appearance during Selma’s one-on-one date. While a few of the women made some really boneheaded moves this week, others really turned on the charm … and probably Sean, too.

So, we took the summation of the women’s actions, or lack thereof, and developed a complex algorithm that helped us to create these wonderful Power Rankings. We spent a lot of time on this, so you better ‘preciate it.

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Week 4: Holy moly, Batman!

Well, this episode sure was a doozie! There were tears, medical emergencies and loads of drama … kind of like last week, only so much better! The fights are getting scrappier, the girls are getting crazier and Tierra’s wonky eyebrow seems to be getting wonkier. That being said though, some real connections are starting to form, which means Sean’s decisions are only getting tougher. We have a lot to get to this week, so let’s get busy! Continue reading