Week 8: Burning Questions

Alright, you guys know the drill. Three questions, one person in the Hot Seat. Ready, set, go!

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Week 4: Burning Questions

We are so unproductive on Mondays. Like, seriously, society would hate us if it knew how unproductive we were every Monday. We’re useless on Mondays mostly because, well, it’s Monday. But, more importantly, we don’t get anything done because it’s Bachelorette Monday! (Thanks, ABC. You’re going to make us lose the jobs we hope to have one day (soon) because of your show.) From the time we wake up until 8 p.m., all we do is waste time talking, tweeting, texting and whatever else about The Bachelorette. We also come up with stuff for this post too, so hey, that’s something, right?

We’ll do better tomorrow, society. In the meantime though, why not decrease your productivity and ponder these burning questions?

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Week 3: Party Fouls

If you’re a football fan, this week is torture. No one likes the Pro Bowl and there’s literally no football on for another week. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got the perfect cure for your football withdrawals–this week’s Party Fouls! As always, we took the time to flag a handful of Bachelor contestants for some penalties. Continue reading

Week 3: Power Rankings

Get excited! It’s time for another round of the Bachelor Burn Book Power Rankings!

Week three of Sean’s reign as the Bachelor wasn’t the most exhilarating two hours of television we’ve ever watched, but it was certainly very telling. For one, we learned that Kacie B. is a firm believer in self-sabotage. We also found out that Lindsay isn’t all that bad and … well, Tierra is. Finally, we were able to confirm through our very reliable and top secret sources that Kristy likes to have big hair so she can, in fact, fill it with secrets. So, why are these little nuggets of wisdom important? Because without them, we wouldn’t be able to form the superficial and premature judgments that make up these awesome power rankings!

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Week 3: Tierra takes a tumble

It’s been quite a week for Sean and his potential brides. From world records to meddling contestants to a potential hospital visit, Sean and his ladies have had a week to remember. We’re three weeks into the “journey” folks, and there’s a lot to take in. Here are the highlights and lowlights from this week’s episode.

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Week 2: Power Rankings

Welcome back to the Bachelor Burn Book Power Rankings!

Another episode of The Bachelor has come and gone, and week two was filled with your stereotypical Bachelor staples: helicopter rides, plunges from tall buildings, awkward makeouts and snarky comments. Nonetheless, we thoroughly enjoyed it in all its glory, especially the part when Tierra exclaimed, “I’m not here to make friends.” How original of her!

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