Week 7: Sean Tells All

Tuesday was no ordinary day.

Tuesday was the day Sean would be divulging his best-kept secrets to millions of women who had nothing better to do than to watch Sean divulge his best-kept secrets. Although our beloved Bachelor never made any earth-shattering revelations, he did offer plenty of interesting insights and commentary on his nationally televised journey for love. We somehow doubt Sean really told “all,” but he did tell enough to make this recap at least semi-entertaining. So, here it is: our thoughts on the Sean Tells Some Stuff But Not That Much Stuff special event.

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Week 6: Burning Questions

Ah, the hometown dates are finally upon us. These are make-or-break dates for the remaining four women. If the parents are too overprotective, it can mean disaster (Kacie B. can attest to this). And if Sean doesn’t fit in with one of the girls’ families, well, they might as well pack their bags. Here’s what we’re hoping is answered this week:

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