Week 8: The Nate Debate and Hometown Dates

Ahh, hometowns. It’s nice to see you.

Hometowns are basically the most important episode of the entire Bachelorette season. It’s the turning point, if you will. Some seasons, though, we run into the dilemma we had on Monday night, and that’s when all the hometowns go well and you know that hearts are about to go breakin’.

So while there might not have been any obnoxious brothers (at least until they returned to the Bachelor Mansion) or trips to the embalming table, there’s still LOTS to talk about with these families.

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Week 1: Burning Questions

This season hasn’t even started, and we already have so many questions. Who’s the “knight (idiot) in shining armor?” What will be the ratio of cocky douchebags to romantic gentlemen? If you’re from Africa, why are you white?


Oh wait, that question isn’t relevant here. We could go on and on with our list of questions, but for brevity’s sake, we’ll keep it to three (also mainly because that’s just the way we did it last season). So, here ya go.

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Week 7: Power Rankings

And then there were three.

Can you believe how fast this season has gone?! It feels like only a week or two ago we were ranking Kristy, the fame-hungry Tyra Banks wannabe, and Amanda, the voodoo-practicing, black lipstick-wearing girl who busted her face at the roller derby rink. It all happened so fast. They were all there, and then they weren’t. Now, here we are writing about the final three: AshLee, Catherine and Lindsay.

Hometown dates are arguably the most important week of the entire Bachelor season. No one wants to have crazy in-laws. No one wants to get stuck with a bunch of yo-yos, even if it is for the duration of a brief Bachelor relationship. As with every season, this was the make-or-break week for the ladies. So, where do we think the remaining girls stand in Sean’s mind after introducing their families? Read on, and you shall learn.

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Week 7: Sean Tells All

Tuesday was no ordinary day.

Tuesday was the day Sean would be divulging his best-kept secrets to millions of women who had nothing better to do than to watch Sean divulge his best-kept secrets. Although our beloved Bachelor never made any earth-shattering revelations, he did offer plenty of interesting insights and commentary on his nationally televised journey for love. We somehow doubt Sean really told “all,” but he did tell enough to make this recap at least semi-entertaining. So, here it is: our thoughts on the Sean Tells Some Stuff But Not That Much Stuff special event.

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