Week 3: Power Rankings

Get excited! It’s time for another round of the Bachelor Burn Book Power Rankings!

Week three of Sean’s reign as the Bachelor wasn’t the most exhilarating two hours of television we’ve ever watched, but it was certainly very telling. For one, we learned that Kacie B. is a firm believer in self-sabotage. We also found out that Lindsay isn’t all that bad and … well, Tierra is. Finally, we were able to confirm through our very reliable and top secret sources that Kristy likes to have big hair so she can, in fact, fill it with secrets. So, why are these little nuggets of wisdom important? Because without them, we wouldn’t be able to form the superficial and premature judgments that make up these awesome power rankings!

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Week 2: Free fallin’


The second episode of every Bachelor season always reminds us that this show isn’t just about a bunch of fools getting slammered in a fancy house. It’s about love, people, and this week, Sean made some serious strides in finding his future wife. We soaked in every moment of the episode and now, we’re prepared to break it all down for you, starting from the beginning.

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