The Royal Wedding: Sean and Catherine get hitched!

Full disclosure: Sunday was almost too much for us to handle.

Between the Grammys and the WEDDING OF THE YEAR, Sunday was exciting, to say the least. We nearly broke the caps lock buttons on our phones and anyone that browses the “Recently Used” portion of our phone’s emoji section will find that we abused the hyperventilating, crying and dead emoji options.

Long story short, one day we will trick some poor, unsuspecting men into marrying us and when that happens, we will be very excited. We might not be as excited as we were to see Sean and Catherine get hitched, though. Only time will tell. Until then, we can only write a recap of their journey to wedded bliss so we can relive it over and over and over.
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Week 3: Tierra takes a tumble

It’s been quite a week for Sean and his potential brides. From world records to meddling contestants to a potential hospital visit, Sean and his ladies have had a week to remember. We’re three weeks into the “journey” folks, and there’s a lot to take in. Here are the highlights and lowlights from this week’s episode.

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