Week 8: Power Rankings

This season has certainly been a good one. We started with 26 women, 80 percent of whom were either crazy, hammered, orange or all three. And now here we are — down to the final two. Even though this season has gone by much too fast, we’ve really enjoyed it. For one, the drama was crazy good. Everyone thought this season would be boring, but alas, it was filled with screaming matches, an uncontrollable eyebrow and classic underhanded moves that were once perfected by The Plastics.

While the drama kept us entertained, Sean was the reason we kept coming back. Yes, it was mostly because he is one fine-looking specimen, but it was also because he’s so genuine. Sean reminded both loyal and casual fans alike why we love this show. He’s a class act and a breath of fresh air from the usual douchey Bachelors who we end up hating by midseason. Sean went about this process the right way. He has revived The Bachelor fanbase and ABC’s ratings. Hallelujah!

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Week 7: Burning Questions

Well, it’s Fantasy Suite time! Usually, this week is pretty cut and dry: a really long daytime date is followed by another dinner during which no one eats and, for dessert, the couple receives an awkwardly-worded letter informing them that, should they decide to take their relationship to the next level, they have a room waiting for them at this fancy hotel. Usually, the female accepts in a roundabout way because she doesn’t want the entire country to know that she’s willing to sleep with a guy after spending like two weeks with him. But this week, the Fantasy Suite dates have a new twist, which presents us with a lot of questions. Here’s what we’re hoping, nay, PRAYING, gets answered this week:

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