Week 4: Party Fouls

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, y’all!

The Bachelor ladies got us all ready for tonight’s game with some, ahem, questionable behavior on Monday. We’re no Ed Hochuli, but we did our best to flag the ladies for their penalties. Without further ado, here’s this week’s Party Fouls.

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Week 3: Party Fouls

If you’re a football fan, this week is torture. No one likes the Pro Bowl and there’s literally no football on for another week. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got the perfect cure for your football withdrawals–this week’s Party Fouls! As always, we took the time to flag a handful of Bachelor contestants for some penalties. Continue reading

Week 2: Party Fouls

When you throw dozens of women into one house to compete over one man, there’s bound to be some drama and a fair amount of bickering. We decided to don our officiating gear and hand out some weekly penalties to the women who just can’t keep it together.

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Week 1: Party Fouls

Confession: We’re football junkies. Although it was an easy choice to pick The Bachelor premiere over the National Championship game (If you could call it that–butt-whooping might be more accurate), we still had football on the brain while we were watching it. We couldn’t help but realize that many of the 26 girls committed a wide array of “party fouls.” So we’ve donned our officiating gear to hand out some penalties to the women who just couldn’t keep it together.

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