We, the Bachelor Burn Book, solemnly swear…

…to refrain from posting spoilers. We aren’t Reality Steve, and we don’t want to ruin the season for you. But if you’re in here right after an episode, read at your own risk. We can’t wait around for all you procrastinators.

…that we’re not like a regular blog, we’re a cool blog.

…to relate The Bachelor to Mean Girls more than the average person should. To us, the limit does not exist.

…to be less crazy than Jenna the Blogger (we also promise we have better hair.)

…to not offer to share a tampon with you (yeah, Jenna, that’s gross.)

…to control our eyebrow and make fun of those who can’t.

…to not make you maintain an egg in order to cultivate a relationship with us.

…that we’re not vampires. We promise.

…to not write eleventy million poems. We love you guys, and we don’t need corny rhymes to show it.

…to call out these contestants for their shenanigans, and credit them when they actually, you know, do something sensible.

…to not take this too seriously. We love the show and all of our comments are purely in good fun.

…to always root for the Bachelor/ette to find true love on this show. We know the track record of the show, and we don’t care. We want everyone to find love. Even if they own a winery, choose a girl that TWENTY-THREE OTHER WOMEN HATE and [allegedly] make juvenile YouTube videos. We’re talking about you, Ben Flajnik.

…to be funny on Twitter. You can follow us @bachelorburnbk. We’ll wait.

…to answer your email. If you have a comment, question or concern, you can reach us in the comments or at bachelorburnbook@gmail.com. If you’re a spammer or you want us to send money to a bank in Nigeria, you can go shave your back, because we don’t have time for that and we’re poor.

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