The Royal Wedding: Sean and Catherine get hitched!

Full disclosure: Sunday was almost too much for us to handle.

Between the Grammys and the WEDDING OF THE YEAR, Sunday was exciting, to say the least. We nearly broke the caps lock buttons on our phones and anyone that browses the “Recently Used” portion of our phone’s emoji section will find that we abused the hyperventilating, crying and dead emoji options.

Long story short, one day we will trick some poor, unsuspecting men into marrying us and when that happens, we will be very excited. We might not be as excited as we were to see Sean and Catherine get hitched, though. Only time will tell. Until then, we can only write a recap of their journey to wedded bliss so we can relive it over and over and over.

In case you didn’t know this wedding is LIVE!

And security is NOT a concern. If we didn’t live on the on the actual other side of the country, you can bet we’d be crashing that wedding. After all, ABC put where it was being held on live TV. They were asking for it!
location of wedding
Four Seasons Biltmore, we’re coming for you…or we would have been if we lived in California.

We would be hiding in flower columns near the alter…

hiding behnd columns
…or behind this camera that looks like a robot.
robot camera


Either way, we would have gotten in somehow because CLEARLY our invite was lost in the mail.

“ROAD TRIP! AHHHH.” –Legally Blonde/Sean Lowe

Sean doesn’t think girls like road trips. We beg to differ. Are there people out there who haven’t been on a road trip? Honestly? Please, show of hands, anyone? Bueller? No?
Eager Sean
Oh, Sean, He feels like he has captured some mystical, road-trip lovin’ unicorn. Alas, he has not. But as long as he continues to feel like Catherine is a rare, precious bird, those crazy kids might just stand a chance.

And now Sean is learning why girls like road trips.

Men, it is because we have your undivided attention. You will have to crash the car or abandon it on the side of the road to escape us. We can turn the radio off and you are literally trapped in a moving box for hours. That conversation we’ve been dying to have with you about that thing you do that bothers us? Happening. That annoying person at school/work/the mall/whatever that drives us up a wall? Yeah, you’ll hear about that. And if we’re planning a wedding? Every detail is going to be discussed and you will have to make a decision. For the first time, we have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to talk! Time is of no great concern!
112 pm

146 pm

213 pm

Neither is the fact that you must keep your eyes on the road!
keep your eyes on the road sean

He is seriously contemplating flinging himself out of the car while it’s still moving.
Wedding theme vocab lesson!
grown sexy
Catherine wants her wedding to be “grown sexy” and “whimsical” and “romantic.” We, along with Sean, know what two of those words mean. We have no clue what grown sexy means, and by the end of this entire two hour special and after the words “grown sexy” have been said 31 times (seriously, @R5RoxMySox counted), we still will not know what it means.

grown sexy and whimsical
Now, like any good bride, Catherine wants Sean’s ideas on the wedding so she can ignore them. She asks him what words he wants to describe the wedding. His answer? Mind-blowing. Yup.
you're just saying words
In other words, those robot cameras are probably actually Transformers and they were totally Sean’s idea.
vague words
Catherine’s mind is blown. Not in a good way.
The Apocalypse is coming.
honeymoon suite cam
We are watching a live wedding with a live honeymoon suite cam. What is the point of this? They aren’t even showing us a live reception (which, let’s be real, is the part of the wedding we’re most interested in anyways). A honeymoon suite cam is not necessary.

papa lowe and andy dick
What are they talking about? Abandon the picture-in-picture! Go live to Andy and Papa Lowe! Who the heck is running this establishment? WHAT ARE THEY SAYING? WHY IS PAPA LOWE WAGGING HIS FINGER? WHY HAS THE HANDSHAKE GONE ON FOR SO LONG? WE NEED ANSWERS.
more papa lowe
The Bachelor was a shoo-in (at least in our minds) for an Emmy before this. Now, we’re not so sure.

Rockin’ chairs, rockin’ babies’
rocking chairs
And…we’re back to the honeymoon suite cam. Sean and Catherine are discussing the night of the wedding. We are sensing a theme here.

Arie is not over Emily Maynard.

He asks Jef if Emily is coming because, OBVS everyone is in touch with their ex about which weddings they are/aren’t invited to. Jef’s all, “Um, well, I don’t know that might be weird.”
where's emily
Slow your roll, Arie. Emily’s engaged (again). You might be the kissing bandit, but we’re not sure you’re a fiance bandit.

Now, there’s a good chance that this entire conversation was prodded by the cameraman. To that we say, “FOR SHAME, ABC!” This staged convo should NOT have taken precedence over Papa Lowe talking to Andy Dick. Consider this a formal complaint.

It’s nice to be nice…
it's nice to be nice
…especially if you have no idea what the bride’s vision for a grown sexy wedding means. Mindy Weiss is the GREATEST WEDDING PLANNER OF ALL TIME (we guess. We don’t actually know for sure, but we’re thinking that if you don’t steal the affections of the groom a la J.Lo in The Wedding Planner, you are probably the best wedding planner of all time), and she doesn’t even know what the heck Catherine is talking about. Seriously, look at her face.
mindy's clueless
No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative.

Mindy doesn’t know what it means.
mindy is shocked
The “glam squad” doesn’t know what it means.
cowboy hairdresser
Sean doesn’t know what it means.
sean is confused
Will Ferrell/Jon Heder/Jay-Z/Kanye West don’t even know what it means.

Apparently, that’s what Catherine is going for. She wants people to “feel so sexy, they conceive.” Mindy is beside herself.
mindy is overheated
At this point, we see the honeymoon suite cam again and watch a housekeeper remake a perfectly-made bed.
grown sexy journalA note: When we picture a grown sexy font, this is not what we think of. This looks like it was doodled on a sixth-grader’s notebook.
Speaking of provocative…

Since ABC is paying for this shindig, they get to tell Sean and Catherine what to do, so they tell Sean to go to a lingerie store and pick out things for Catherine to wear so they can show another view of the honeymoon suite.
lingerie store
Sean is a little overwhelmed and embarrassed by this.

sean is overwhelmed

sean touching
But, fear not, Sean finds his stride and picks out multiple things for Catherine. He is so excited, he does a heel-click on his way out of the store.
sean's heel click
More health violations.

Remember when Juan Pablo ate those nachos? Yeah, this is worse.

They are flinging sprinkles and an intern is going to have to clean that up.
Sprinkle fight
Wait, it gets worse. They are putting the icing on their lips. What about the other people that use that icing? That’s not your icing, Sean and Catherine! So many violations.
Bad sean!
Where did this come from?
Sassy store
A store, Catherine. It came from a store.
Icing for my body
Catherine says this is icing for her body. Hopefully, it’s not like the icing from the cake company. Oy. We’re pretending this didn’t happen.

Chris Harrison, such a skeeze.
Chris B. Harrison
Catherine takes boudoir photos for Sean and Chris has no comment. Neither do we. Moving on.

Time for one more Chris Harrison therapy sesh!

Catherine and Sean wax poetic about how much they lurveeeeeeee each other. Then Chris Harrison brings up the wedding night again and we get another view of the honeymoon suite, which might include a disco ball.
I will takea mulligan
Chris Harrison threatens to hide under the bed. This is creepy. Sean says he feels no pressure to perform because he can always take a mulligan.

I'll hide under the bed

After this awkward interview is over, Chris Harrison assures us that he’s going to leave them alone in the honeymoon suite. Thank God.



The bridesmaids and the (super hot) groomsmen come walking down the aisle. Then come the little kids, who look like they are conspiring to steal the rings they are supposed to be carrying to Sean and Catherine.
Picture 16
Picture 18

Picture 22

Picture 23

Picture 21



OK, we’ll turn the caps lock off. Papa Lowe gets through this whole thing without losing it, because he is a rock star! We’re not crying, you’re crying. Everyone’s crying but Papa Lowe!
Picture 30

Sean says he was drawn to her the moment he saw her, which is great if you’re Catherine and not so great if you’re one of the other 24 women who were on the show. Womp womp, ladies.
Picture 13Sorry, Lesley.
Picture 27

Picture 32

Picture 33

Picture 35

Picture 36
There are confetti cannons and again, we picture Chris Harrison running around like a madman pulling at them and shooting confetti into the sky. Now, every wedding without a confetti cannon is going to be boring.

Sean is still crying and this is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen.
Picture 37

“And now,” Sean tells Catherine, “we frolic.”

All the way to the honeymoon suite! Where they play weird animal and train noises!Picture 39
Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Sean Lowe! YAYYYYYYYY!


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2 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding: Sean and Catherine get hitched!

  1. Yes. Someone explain this! I looked and didn’t see her sitting at the wedding.
    Just the one picture of them with the other alumni sitting down. But Ari tweeted that Ali and
    Roberto were having a long talk and included a picture. What gives?

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