It’s Halloween.

Oh my god, thanks Cady! We’d totally forgotten! We don’t even have a costume. What should we do?

OH. THAT’S RIGHT. REACH BACK INTO OUR TRUSTY VAULT OF HALLOWEEN COSTUMES BASED ON MEAN GIRLS AND THE BACHELOR/ETTE/PAD, OF COURSE. Y’all don’t have that? Sucks to suck, but we’re nice, so we’ll share. If you’re scramblin’ for a costume on this Ghoulish Thirsty Thursday, have at ’em. Also, if anyone says, “Why are you dressed in a Mean Girls costume? That movie came out in 2004,” you should totally answer, “One. It’s Throwback Thursday, so hush. Two. THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST ON MEAN GIRLS COSTUMES.” And then never talk to that person again because they do not deserve to sit with you.

First, the Mean Girls selections:

If you want to try a Mean Girls costume without it obviously being a Mean Girls costume:

Don’t kiss your cousin though. That would be awk.

If you want to be comfy, be Fat Regina George:

Bonus if the sweatpants have pockets, because then you don’t have to carry a purse. Double bonus if you do this and you’re the DD, because then when you get tired, you can just do this:

If you have swag, you can be Kevin Gnapoor:

And if some guy wants to dance with you, but you’re not feelin’ it ’cause he’s no Aaron Samuels, just say this and then run away:

Or, don’t go out and just do this:

And watch Mean Girls because, after this post, we think it’s actually a Halloween movie.

And now, the Bachelor-themed costumes, in case you want to be something that literally no one gets.

If you’re a guy and don’t want to wear a shirt:

Carry roses. Hand them out.


If you have an old wedding dress lying around and you want to make it clear you are cute AND crazy:

If you have a little too much to drink, it’s OK because you’ll still be in character!

If you don’t want anyone at the party to like you:

If you want to go all out and be scary crazy:

We’re sure there’s more. Tweet us your suggestions, or leave ’em in the comments section. And if you give one of these costumes a whirl, be sure to tweet us a picture so we can feel like we’re making a difference in the lives of our readers, because, really, that’s what all bloggers truly want.

Have a fun and safe holiday! May you get nothing stuck in your teeth…

…and always be ready for a photo op.

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