Week 8: Power Rankings

This season has certainly been a good one. We started with 26 women, 80 percent of whom were either crazy, hammered, orange or all three. And now here we are — down to the final two. Even though this season has gone by much too fast, we’ve really enjoyed it. For one, the drama was crazy good. Everyone thought this season would be boring, but alas, it was filled with screaming matches, an uncontrollable eyebrow and classic underhanded moves that were once perfected by The Plastics.

While the drama kept us entertained, Sean was the reason we kept coming back. Yes, it was mostly because he is one fine-looking specimen, but it was also because he’s so genuine. Sean reminded both loyal and casual fans alike why we love this show. He’s a class act and a breath of fresh air from the usual douchey Bachelors who we end up hating by midseason. Sean went about this process the right way. He has revived The Bachelor fanbase and ABC’s ratings. Hallelujah!

Week 8

1. Catherine

Last week: #2

Much to our delight, Catherine edges out Lindsay for the top spot in the final Power Rankings of the season. If we had to give Catherine a label, we would define her as an unexpected, yet pleasant, surprise. We never expected Catherine to make it far, much less to the finale. To be honest, there were times when we forgot who she was. While the other women were actin’ a fool, Catherine was flying under the radar and away from the cameras, slowly growing her relationship with Sean, the “beefy hunk.” And every week, as we saw more and more of Catherine and her relationship with Sean, we became bigger fans. It’s undeniable that Sean is smitten by her. These two just click. They’re weird. They get each other. We never would have expected it, but when we see them together, it’s obvious they’re perfect for each other. Their relationship is both silly and serious — vital elements of any successful relationship. We have a few reservations about whether Catherine is really ready for a long-term commitment, but if Sean chooses her, we hope that they can make it last, for the sake of their relationship and for The Bachelor’s track record too.

2. Lindsay

Last week: #1

If you’ve been keeping up with our Power Rankings or following our tweets, you probably know we’re not huge fans of Lindsay. We’re not sure how many more ways we can lay this out. Lindsay. Is. A. Joke. That’s kind of harsh, but whatever. We really don’t know much about her previous relationships or her life, in general. All we know is that when she was an adolescent, the war started. That’s it. Does she have goals in life? Does she want to be a substitute teacher forever? We have so many questions. Obviously, Sean knows more than we do, but when you think about it, he hasn’t given clear reasons why he likes her. With Catherine, he spells out a list of reasons why he’s falling for her. But with Lindsay, all we hear is, “Lindsay is so much fun. I just love being around her. Every week, my feelings grow stronger for her.” Oooookayyy. Care to elaborate, Sean? You like her because she’s fun? That’s all you got? This is why we remain unconvinced that a relationship between Sean and Lindsay would work. Sure, they’re in the honeymoon phase now, but when the dust settles, they won’t have a solid foundation to build a long-term relationship on. At least that’s what we think anyway. If Sean were to pick Lindsay, we’d have to see that relationship last to actually believe it can work. Otherwise, we’re not budging.


3. AshLee

Well, AshLee completely derailed. It’s kind of a shame because she really had everything Sean was looking for. She just got too intense and too serious toward the end, which understandably scared Sean away. If we were guys and we had a woman telling us her ring size after two months, we’d start running for the hills too. But that doesn’t change the fact that we totally empathize with AshLee. We’ve all given the evil death stare to someone. We’ve all been blindsided by a breakup. We’ve walked away from a situation without uttering a word, afraid we might say something we’d later regret. We have all been there, which is why we can’t really judge her for the way she left. However, even though we understand AshLee’s pain, we’re not quite sure she’d be a good fit for The Bachelorette. How entertaining can it be to watch somebody who’s THAT intense? AshLee, we hope you and your Yorkshire Terrier find love, just not on national TV.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our rankings this season as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them. Can’t wait to start ‘em all over again in May!

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