Week 7: Power Rankings

And then there were three.

Can you believe how fast this season has gone?! It feels like only a week or two ago we were ranking Kristy, the fame-hungry Tyra Banks wannabe, and Amanda, the voodoo-practicing, black lipstick-wearing girl who busted her face at the roller derby rink. It all happened so fast. They were all there, and then they weren’t. Now, here we are writing about the final three: AshLee, Catherine and Lindsay.

Hometown dates are arguably the most important week of the entire Bachelor season. No one wants to have crazy in-laws. No one wants to get stuck with a bunch of yo-yos, even if it is for the duration of a brief Bachelor relationship. As with every season, this was the make-or-break week for the ladies. So, where do we think the remaining girls stand in Sean’s mind after introducing their families? Read on, and you shall learn.

Week 7

1. Lindsay

Last week: #2

We did not want to do this. We really, really did not want to do this. We were figuratively kicking and screaming because we did not want to do this. But we were left with no choice. Lindsay, yes Lindsay, has claimed the top spot this week. There’s no way around it. There were no major obstacles during her hometown date … well, except for the ones on that stupid boot camp course she set up. Her family all showered, brushed their teeth and acted like normal human beings. And, most importantly, Sean is legitimately into her. For weeks, we said in our best condescending tone, “Aw, look. That wedding dress girl made it another week. Sean feels bad for her. How cute!” And then finally, we were like, “Oh sh*t. Sean is for real about Lindsay. How did this happen?” This girl is never serious. She and Sean never talk about anything substantial. Their relationship is nothing more than a fling. We will say this over and over again until we are right.

2. Catherine

Last week: #1

Catherine faltered a little bit during her hometown date this week. Everyone in her family, with the exception of her adorable grandmother, was very skeptical of the whole process. They all seemed to like Sean as a person, just not the idea of him pursuing multiple women on national television. Understandable. It’s hard to convince a family that you’re genuinely falling for their daughter/sister when you’ve been whispering sweet nothings to 25 other women on camera. While Catherine’s mother politely refused to give her blessing and her sisters seemed intent on scaring Sean away, we don’t think Catherine’s chances have been ruined. Her hometown date wasn’t a total debacle. It’s not like Catherine’s sisters went all “crazy Nate” on Sean. If Catherine can win Sean’s heart in the end, the two of them can win her family over later.

3. AshLee

Last week: #4

Let’s get right to the point here. AshLee has a lot of great qualities. On paper, she and Sean are perfect for each other. But, in all honesty, there’s just no spark between those two. Sean doesn’t light up around AshLee the way he does with Lindsay and Catherine. Not to mention, her hometown date was a total snoozefest. Sean didn’t even seem that excited to be there. We like AshLee. She was always one of our favorites, but you can’t deny that her relationship with Sean has stalled. Frankly, we’d be surprised if she won.

A brief side note about AshLee: she (unlike Lindsay) is way too serious. She and Sean rarely joke around, and it seems like AshLee is always crying. She couldn’t even talk about the Polar Bear Plunge, a completely frivolous activity, without tearing up. AshLee, why so serious? Do yourself a favor and loosen up a bit! This is the Bachelor, after all.


4. Desiree

We feel horrible for Desiree. We know she’s tweeted that she’s forgiven her brother and insisted that he didn’t “ruin anything,” but let’s be honest … her brother ruined everything. It’s fine to be skeptical, but he crossed a line. There’s no need to attack the character of someone you don’t even know. It was disrespectful not only to Sean, but to his sister, as well. Nate had no idea what Des had been through with Sean, yet he assumed it was all a lie. It’s too bad he felt like he had to show off like that because Des probably would’ve been the last woman standing if it weren’t for this whole disaster. Out of the final four, Des was arguably the best option. She had everything Sean was looking for and then some.

Hope you enjoyed! Love ya!

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