Week 6: Power Rankings


That’s how this week’s episode of The Bachelor made us feel. Horribly devastated. Sean missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime relationship with a great girl. She has a genuine heart, a kind soul and eyebrows that would make Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes jealous. We just can’t understand why Sean would send Tierra home. We simply have no words. The only thing we do know is that Sean will regret this later.

Haha, yeah right. Let’s get real and get busy ranking the women who actually deserve to still be on the show.

Week 6

1. Catherine

Last week: #2

Catherine has managed to climb from the depths of our Power Rankings all the way to the top spot, and we can honestly say this is the last thing we expected to happen. Catherine’s relationship with Sean has really taken off as of late. We thought Desiree and AshLee would be the two in the finale, but Catherine is certainly making a solid case for herself. The thing about Sean and Catherine is that we never would’ve pictured them together. Sean is your typical All-American, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Southern gentleman, while Catherine is more edgy and exotic-looking. They don’t look like a match at all. But when we saw the two of them sitting on the beach together during the group date, they looked absolutely perfect. Catherine is the real deal.

2. Lindsay

Last week: #3

We are so hot and cold with Lindsay. One week we like her and then the next week, not so much. That doesn’t mean we’re going back on what we said last week. If Sean were to pick Lindsay, their personalities would complement each other wonderfully. However, the reason we can’t fully buy in on a Lindsay and Sean relationship is because we haven’t seen them get serious enough. It seems like they’re either joking around or talking about the wedding dress debacle and how far they’ve come. Alright, we know. It’s amazing that Lindsay made it past the first cocktail party and has found her way into the top four. We get it already. Stop bringing it up all the time. Honestly, we just want to see Sean and Lindsay open up to each other more. But right now, all we’ve seen is them joking, flirting and making out.

3. Desiree

Last week: #4

This could be the end of the line for Des. We hate to say that, but things are not looking good for her. It appears that Sean and Des go from having a week of bliss in St. Croix to a week of hell in Des’s hometown. This whole time, we thought Desiree had an angry ex-boyfriend show up and cause a scene, but alas, it’s been her brother all along! I suppose we can’t blame Des’s brother for being skeptical of Sean and this whole process, but he just may do enough damage to destroy his sister’s chances with the Greek God of Bachelors. Des has told Sean numerous times that her family is really tight-knit. If Sean feels like he could be the wedge that comes between Desiree and her family, he may be forced to send her home purely out of necessity and respect (and probably a little fear).

4. AshLee

Last week: #1

AshLee has gone off the rails a bit, hence why she’s fallen from the top to the bottom of the Power Rankings. By all accounts, AshLee had been leading the pack for weeks. She had demonstrated all the qualities Sean could possibly want. Her connection with Sean was growing stronger and stronger. She was, hands down, the best choice for Sean. And then something happened — the fight with Tierra. AshLee won the fight, so to speak, but her victory speech consisted of some questionable comments. She started saying stuff like “love conquers all” and “I love this man and would do anything for him.” Whoa, just take it easy now. We know you have feelings for Sean and you’re psyched that Tierra got the boot, but professing your undying love for a man you’ve known two months seems a little extreme, no? Maybe she was just a little hyped up from the day’s events, but it’s obvious that she’s falling hard and fast. AshLee needs to dial it back a few notches because she’s starting to remind us of Kacie B. toward the end of Ben’s season.


5. Lesley

We know the connection between Lesley and Sean wasn’t there, but we’re still a little bummed she had to go. It’s too bad she was so freaking awkward. Why, Lesley? Why wouldn’t you look Sean in the eye while you were talking? Why did you have to create awkward pauses before every kiss? It didn’t have to be this way, Lesley. Even Catherine is upset over this one.

6. Tierra

But no one is upset over this elimination! Goodbye, Tierra! We will not miss you, your cot, your dent, your sparkle or your eyebrow (ok, we might miss the eyebrow a little). We are free, free at last! Sean narrowly escaped Tierra’s clutches, but whoever the poor guy is that agreed to marry her … well, we just feel bad for him. We wish him all the luck and mental strength in the world.

Until next time, friends. Don’t let anyone try to take your sparkle away.

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