Week 5: Party Fouls

This week, heads rolled, ladies were sent home and some major fouls were committed. And whaddaya know, the fouls were all Tierra, all the time. We broke down her infractions.

Team’s late arrival on the field prior to scheduled kickoff

Tierra crashed the group date party and stole extra time with Sean. The women didn’t know about her infraction while filming, but they certainly know now. Everyone else is playing (mostly) by the rules, but Tierra has gone rogue. Her actions will almost certainly make for an extra-special episode of the Women Tell All and by golly, we can’t wait.


Tierra+Jackie+Sean+group date rose = disaster. Tierra connected easily with Sean–their chemistry is undeniable. But did she really have to throw it in Jackie’s face? Tierra’s giggles and flirtatious banter must have been like nails on a chalkboard to Jackie, who barely made an impression on us, let alone our dear Bachelor. Jackie was in a losing battle to begin with, but Tierra’s obvious pleasure in rubbing it in Jackie’s place was just plain ol’ mean.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Every week, Tierra discovers a new way to commit this penalty. This week, she had two episodes in which to do it and she took advantage of the opportunity. On Monday, she decided to berate Robyn for no reason, and on Tuesday, she faked yet another injury. So many of the girls participated in the Polar Bear Plunge and managed to to stay healthy. Not Tierra. She’s willing to take any opportunity to get more time with Sean. This is understandable, to a point–no one is saying that falling in love while the object of your affection is dating a dozen other women is easy–but you have to play fair. Faking injuries isn’t OK, Tierra. Grownups don’t do that and we don’t think Sean is really all that interested in marrying someone who is so immature (we hope).

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