Week 4: Burning Questions

We’re dubbing this week the #BachelorBowl … two “halves” of Bachelor craziness interrupted by a long, torturous 22-hour intermission. We’ve got four glorious hours of Bachelor footage this week and we can barely contain our excitement. Here’s what we hope gets answered in the episodes this week:

1. Will Sean finally find a girl he isn’t “crazy about?”

If Sean keeps going crazy for all these girls, we’re going to have to have him committed (Jenna, Amanda, any recommendations?). Every date, with the exception of Leslie H., has left Sean with delirious thoughts of love, marriage and babies. We love that he’s living in the moment during these dates, focusing his full attention on the women and trying to picture whether they could be his wife but, Sean, this isn’t Utah. You can’t marry them all and tough decisions are going to have to be made. Is this the week that Sean has a promising first date go south?

2. Jackie gets a date, but can she speak?

It’s hard for us to truly form an opinion about Jackie because we don’t know anything about her. She seems nice enough, but we still can’t figure out why she was included in Tierra’s fake apology last week. Was it something she said? Did she say anything? We’re not sure if she’s not being featured because she’s too normal or if the cat has got her tongue. She’s a wild card at this point–possibly someone who is perfect for Sean or just another crazy in a season full of madness. It looks like Jackie gets a date this week, so at least we know that this burning question will be answered.

3. Is it wrong to hope Tierra gets eaten by a polar bear?

Obviously, Tierra gets hypothermia this week. Let’s rehash: In the past two weeks, Tierra has “fallen” down the stairs and been “tortured.” To this point, Sean has not viewed her extreme clumsiness or general mental instability as a red flag. Will hypothermia set off a warning bell in our dapper Bachelor’s head? If not, can we recruit Daniella or Robyn to feed her to some wild animal in one of the episodes this week? Please, Bachelor producers, take these girls to the zoo, open a cage and see what happens.

4. Who is picking these dates?

So far, Sean has taken the ladies to play beach volleyball and roller derby. This week, Sean has two opportunities to plan a group date and it looks like one of them might involve snow. We get that Sean is trying to find an athletic partner to work out with and spend the rest of his life with, but we believe that Sean is employing an unprecedented strategy on the Bachelor this season. Our theory? That he is picking these dates to weed out the less-than-athletic women by having them eliminate themselves. If they get hypothermia or sustain a broken limb on a ski slope, he doesn’t have to endure the pain of eliminating them.

5. Sean’s had a taste of the chocolate–but will he want the whole thing?

Robyn worked her pickup line with perfection last week. It was funny and endearing, but Sean didn’t seem incredibly impressed. He’s spent time with Robyn and they get along well, but we’re not sure he’s as far along with her as he is with some of the other women. There are a handful of women where this the case: Jackie, Daniella and Robyn. Who will stay and who will go?

The Hot Seat

Every week, we’ll pick one or two ladies who we think are in danger of getting sent home the following episode. Whether it’s because they’re causing tension in the mansion, had a night of drunken woopsies or just simply aren’t connecting with Sean, these ladies could find themselves in the Bachelor Burn Book Hot Seat … a place that would make even Regina George feel threatened.

It’s no surprise that some women are clearly trying to play catch-up when it comes to winning Sean’s heart. Although we’re holding out hope that this is Tierra’s last week in the mansion, we aren’t comfortable putting her in the Hot Seat when there are so many other options. This week, we’ve got Daniella and Jackie in the Hot Seat.

Yes, we know that Jackie gets a one-on-one date. It’s possible he picks her, or she sticks around on Monday and is eliminated on Tuesday. We’re kind of going into this week in a tough spot, because we’re not sure how many women he eliminates this week. Jackie might be too far behind to earn a rose twice this week.

Daniella is just … a drunken debacle. She’s shown crying in this week’s promo, which means either it’s a normal day for Daniella or she is eliminated. Daniella hasn’t had a one-on-one date with Sean and, frankly, hasn’t spent much time with Sean at all. Her days are numbered and with two potential chances for elimination this week, the odds are not in Daniella’s favor.

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