Week 4: Party Fouls

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, y’all!

The Bachelor ladies got us all ready for tonight’s game with some, ahem, questionable behavior on Monday. We’re no Ed Hochuli, but we did our best to flag the ladies for their penalties. Without further ado, here’s this week’s Party Fouls.

Delay of game

Selma gave Sean’s kiss the stiff arm this week and we can’t help but be a little perturbed. We’re flagging her for delay of game because, well, she’s delaying Sean’s game. Although we can’t say that we’d have been able to rebuff Sean’s kiss (Those eyes! That hair! Those MUSCLES!), we can respect Selma’s beliefs and her willingness to respect her family. However, no matter how good her intentions were, a penalty is a penalty, Selma.

Failure to report change of eligibility

This is kind of a stretch, but again, we make the rules on this blog. Amanda decided that she would fib about the amount of roller derby experience that she had in order to get in the heads of the other contestants. There was one problem: she ended up breaking her face. This failure to tell the truth resulted in Amanda being on the receiving end of some bad karma because she ended up injuring herself and being left to walk home alone. The moral of the story? Don’t lie to impress a boy, ladies. It will always come back to bite you in the butt–or leave you with a broken jaw and a possible concussion.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Tierra is a penalty machine. She’s been a poor sport throughout this season, but her rude behavior toward Robyn and her loud-mouthed bashing of the other girls took poor sportsmanship to a new level. It’s not that the girls don’t “get” her sense of humor, a la Courtney–Tierra’s just plain mean. Tierra’s trying to get in the girls’ heads, but the true contestants for Sean’s heart aren’t playing. Desiree, Lesley and the other girls that sit atop our Power Rankings are taking the high road–for now. We just wish Tierra would take a page out of their playbook and cut it out.

Pass Interference

You’ve got three guesses to figure out who this penalty belongs to–and the first two don’t count. It’s Tierra, of course. She intercepted Sean on his way to join Lindsay in the hot tub and managed to pry a rose out of his fingers. She’s got Sean completely fooled and it’s kind of frustrating to watch him focus his attention on such a manipulative slime ball when he has so many wonderful women to woo. Instead of respecting his one-on-one time with the other contestants, Tierra has no qualms about interrupting and monopolizing his time. This is the way the game works, honey. Make the most of the time you have with him and stay above the fray when he’s speaking to someone else.

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