Week 2: Party Fouls

When you throw dozens of women into one house to compete over one man, there’s bound to be some drama and a fair amount of bickering. We decided to don our officiating gear and hand out some weekly penalties to the women who just can’t keep it together.

Excessive celebration

Kristy has barely even mentioned Sean since she arrived at the Bachelor mansion, but she was positively giddy when she found out about the group date activity. She reminded the audience that she was a model approximately 1,534 times (um, Kristy? It’s your occupation. We see it every time you’re in the confessional), and when she won, she let out a scream so loud, we’re surprised we couldn’t hear it during filming a few months ago. It’s great to be excited, Kristy, but at least pretend you’re here for Sean.

Pass interference

We’re big Lesley fans, so it pains us to have to flag Lesley for pass interference. She missed her chance to get another kiss from Sean during her one-on-one time, so she interrupted Kristy and Sean for one of the most awkward kisses in Bachelor history. We say one of because nothing can top Awkward Jamie’s forced smooch with Ben last year. Lesley and Sean have serious chemistry, but hopefully they can put their nerves aside and get down to business during their allocated one-on-one time in the coming episodes. We’d hate to see Lesley become the annoying contestant who is constantly “stealing” Sean away.


Desiree showed her playful side during her first one-on-one date with Sean. Sean played a prank on her early on in the night, but she managed to retaliate. We had to flag Desiree for taunting when she hesitated to accept a rose from Sean during their date. We enjoyed seeing Desiree’s sense of humor–and Sean did too–but a penalty is a penalty.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Another week, another penalty for Tierra. She doesn’t seem to understand that this a competition and spent most of the group date with a sour look on her face. Sean has definitely noticed that she doesn’t seem to understand the game and her attitude makes her seem like a poor sport. We understand you came to win Sean’s heart, Tierra, but it’s going to take more than a brief conversation and a lingering look to make him cast aside the other women. Put your game face on, girl. You’re in for a battle.

We also have to penalize Robyn for her rude comments about Tierra during the group date. Robyn’s comments just made her seem jealous of Tierra’s quick start with Sean and didn’t win her any points with us. We’ve watched this show long enough to know that it’s always better to just focus on your own relationship with the Bachelor and not get caught up in the cattiness with the other girls.

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