Week 2: Burning Questions

Every week, we eagerly tune into The Bachelor to watch how our favorite televised love story will unfold, and each week, we’re left with so many questions. What the heck did that contestant say? What in the world is Sean thinking? Why did she wear that? We needed a place to air out these questions and, hopefully, find some answers. Here are three things that left us wondering this week.

1. What does Sean do that surprises some of the women in the house?

We’ve read a few different articles, including a People Magazine interview with this season’s own Sarah Herron, that indicate Sean does something unexpected this week. From what we could gather, it sounds like this “something unexpected” surprises the contestants and the viewers in a not-so-good way. Could this mean that Sean does or says something that goes against his sweet, Southern gentleman persona? We doubt it’s anything as extreme as Ben’s decision to go skinny-dipping with Courtney, but clearly, it seems like he does something bold and possibly out of character. Does he come to Tierra’s defense after she says something mean and vindictive? Could he call out some of the women for their behavior towards each other? He may even send multiple women home at once for starting drama and causing tension in the mansion. We could speculate about this for hours, but whatever the case may be, we’re confident that Sean stayed true to who he is and did what he thought would help him get one step closer to finding his wife.

2. Why does Tierra end up on a stretcher?

This moment has been hyped in the previews for the past two weeks and finally, the most dramatic moment of the season (that we know of) is upon us. In mere hours, we will finally know why Tierra is taken away on the stretcher. Does she fall down the stairs? Perhaps she slips on a drink that has slopped over the rim of one of the inslopsticated contestant’s glass of wine? Does she fling herself down the stairs in a dramatic attempt to capture Sean’s attention–and heart–forever? Only time will tell. Lucky for us, time is ticking until Monday’s episode and, hopefully, it’s also ticking on Tierra’s stay in the mansion.

3. Can someone top Daniella’s drunkenness? Is it even worth it to try?

A lot of contestants on this show have used their 15 minutes of fame to embarrass themselves, but Daniella has taken public drunkenness to a whole new level. We have racked our brains and cannot remember a single second of the first two episodes where Daniella was sober, and gosh darn it, we’re okay with that. She hides her drunkenness much better than Jenna the Blogger and could never top the craziness that was Drunk Jaclyn, but she’s far funnier than crying, drunk Taryn. Only one woman can win Sean’s heart and we doubt that will be Daniella. We commend her for taking full advantage of the Bachelor experience and consuming all of the alcohol her body can handle. We salute you, Daniella. Don’t ever switch to water.

The Hot Seat

Every week, we’ll pick one or two ladies who we think are in danger of getting sent home the following episode. Whether it’s because they’re causing tension in the mansion, had a night of drunken woopsies or just simply aren’t connecting with Sean, these ladies could find themselves in the Bachelor Burn Book Hot Seat … a place that would make even Regina George feel threatened.

Amanda’s Jekyll and Hyde persona can’t fool Sean for much longer. Unless she ends up with a solo date, Sean will quickly be able to see that the other girls do not like her at all, which should raise some red flags. We doubt that Amanda has made much of an impression on Sean at this point, so any bad vibes from the other girls could be her downfall. We suspect she’ll be sent packing before this week concludes.

We also remain so unconvinced of the connection between Sean and Leslie H. that we are just going to keep Leslie H. in the Hot Seat until she is eliminated. We can barely remember Sean and Leslie H. having a worthwhile conversation, let alone making a love connection. At this point, it’s only a matter of time until Leslie H. is crying in the Bachelor limo.

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