Week 1: Party Fouls

Confession: We’re football junkies. Although it was an easy choice to pick The Bachelor premiere over the National Championship game (If you could call it that–butt-whooping might be more accurate), we still had football on the brain while we were watching it. We couldn’t help but realize that many of the 26 girls committed a wide array of “party fouls.” So we’ve donned our officiating gear to hand out some penalties to the women who just couldn’t keep it together.

False start

Lindsay. Poor, misguided Lindsay. The wedding dress gimmick made her look a wee bit desperate and she definitely had to redeem herself with Sean throughout the night. Despite her less-than-stellar first impression, something about her caught Sean’s eye and she managed to grab a rose. We can’t fault her for trying to stand out from the crowd–and she seems like a nice enough girl with a fun sense of humor–but hopefully she can show Sean a different side of her personality in the coming weeks. Lucky for Lindsay, one false start early in the first quarter doesn’t automatically mean you’ve lost the game completely.

Excessive celebration

Tierra wooed Sean the moment she stepped out of the limo and snatched the first rose of the night, but she certainly didn’t make any friends with her post-rose behavior. She was a little too excited about it (understandable) and her discussion of it certainly didn’t win her any friends in the house. Some advice for Tierra: You’re the early favorite, but a little humility can go a long way.

Pass interference

Oh, what can we say about Ashley P.? She committed a major foul during the cocktail party when she interrupted Sean’s one-on-one with Paige. Her excessive bumping and grinding during Sean’s conversation certainly didn’t help her cause, and she was easily the biggest disaster of the night. She was such a disaster that Sean wanted basically nothing to do with her, which we admit made us a little happy–at least Sean has some common sense and knew to stay far away from this hot mess.

Intentional grounding

Another foul for Ashley P.! If you drink so much, you’re bumbling and stumbling through the mansion on the first night, you need help. Ashley P. toppled over midway through the episode due to her excessive alcohol consumption and no one really rushed to her side to help her dust herself off. Ashley P., you dug your own grave at this cocktail party.

Illegal substitution/Too many (wo)men on the field

Kacie B. was a late addition to The Bachelor contestant group and most of the girls were not happy about this. Adding another woman to the mix–especially a Bachelor veteran–made most of the contestants very nervous. Only time will tell if Kacie B. actually has a legitimate shot to capture Sean’s heart.

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